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Protecting Consumers from Impersonation Scams

Our vision is to build a world where bad actors are not taking advantage of consumers by impersonating trusted brands.

Through collaboration and innovative solutions, Amazon is reinforcing its commitment to ensure that scammers don’t take advantage of people who trust us.
Tools and Tips to Identify and Mitigate Impersonation Scams

Amazon uses both technology and educational information to help identify and mitigate impersonation scams. Amazon adopted a secure email capability that makes it easier for customers to identify authentic emails from Amazon. We also share education on how consumers can determine if an email, phone call, text message, or web page is genuine.

Tips for identifying whether an email, phone call, text message, or webpage is from Amazon

Supporting Scam Reporting Channels

The more scams are reported to Amazon, the better our tools get at identifying bad actors so we can take action against them. Customers can report suspicious communications at Even if you are not an Amazon customer, you can still report a suspicious message to us at

Helping Consumers Stay Safe Online

Amazon helps consumers stay safe online. We provide best practice tips, including how to identify and avoid phishing attempts, through campaigns like Protect and Connect with National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA). We offer Cybersecurity Awareness Training with AWS to help keep businesses and individuals safe from cybercrime.

Tracking Scam Trends

We offer clear guidance for customers on how to identify a legitimate communication from Amazon. Our partnership with the Better Business Bureau on the Scam Tracker tool helps us gather insights about scam trends to better protect consumers.

Partnering with Consumer Groups and Across Industries

Amazon works with the Global Cyber Alliance, National Cybersecurity Alliance, and other organizations to help spread awareness about scam identification and prevention. We also work across industry sectors, including law enforcement agencies, to develop solutions and take joint action against bad actors.

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