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Ensuring Customers Have a Trustworthy Reviews Experience

Customer reviews on Amazon are a core part of why customers love shopping in our stores. Our goal is to ensure that every review in Amazon’s stores is authentic and reflects customers’ actual experiences.

Here are three ways Amazon leverages our proactive efforts, partnerships with others, and enforcement actions to stop fake reviews.
Innovating to Deliver Authentic, Informative Customer Reviews

We obsess over helping customers feel confident in their purchase decisions. To make it even easier for customers to understand the common themes across reviews, Amazon leverages generative AI on product pages to highlight product features and overarching customer sentiment.

Preventing and Stopping Reviews Abuse
Amazon proactively blocked more than 200 million suspected fake reviews from our stores in 2022.

Amazon invests significant resources to proactively stop fake reviews before being seen by a customer. We use a combination of sophisticated tools and expert investigators to find and stop abusive behavior, and take legal action against fake review brokers who try to deceive our customers.

Partnering to Ensure Trusted Reviews

Amazon is a founding member of a cross-industry coalition committed to protecting access to trustworthy consumer reviews worldwide. Together, members define best practices for hosting reviews online and sharing fake review detection methods, aiming to stop fake reviews at the source and protect the public from being misled by fraudulent content.

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