Our Approach

We use advanced machine learning techniques to monitor our store for fraud, abuse and other risks to our customers. These systems operate continuously throughout every step of the shopping and selling process. Amazon continually incorporates the feedback we get from customers, brands, and others.
We work together with brands and sellers to ensure that customers have a safe shopping experience. We have policies for sellers to ensure that their products are offered in accordance with applicable laws. We have built powerful tools for rights owners to protect their brands by partnering and sharing their intellectual property details so that we can be even more effective in proactively stopping counterfeit, fraud, and other forms of abuse.
In partnership with brands and law enforcement, we have been able to hold more bad actors accountable through civil litigation and criminal referrals to law enforcement organizations—working to stop them from abusing our and other retailers’ stores across the industry. Our efforts to identify and help dismantle counterfeit organizations and other fraudsters are still early, but are working. The fight against bad actors is a global one, operating across many retail channels. When we find illegal activity, we go beyond our store, working upstream to identify and dismantle the criminal network at its source, protecting customers whether they are shopping on Amazon or elsewhere.
Amazon’s industry-leading technology and expert people work every day to protect our customers while they shop the Amazon store. We’re proud to protect customers and will continue to build advanced tools and educational resources to inform and protect them throughout their shopping journey. In addition to this, we empower consumers through our public and private sector partnerships, with impersonation scam prevention education and anti-counterfeit awareness and more.
We know that we can be more effective by working together across the private and public sector. We regularly engage with other interested parties from within the industry, consumer advocacy organizations, governments and regulators, academia, and others that share our desire to work collaboratively to protect consumers and small businesses. We have launched private sector information sharing agreements and participated in voluntary product safety pledges with governments all over the world, and continue to seek out other opportunities to partner more closely with other industry members and governments where it can drive positive, substantive impact.