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Collaborating Across Partners and Industry

We regularly engage with consumer advocacy organizations, governments and regulators, academia, and others across the industry that share our desire to work collaboratively to protect consumers and small businesses.

Working Together

Amazon works with partners across the public and private sector to ensure a trustworthy shopping experience.

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Private Sector Information-Sharing

Amazon believes it’s critical that private and public sector partnership includes greater sharing of information. Our memberships in the Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange (ACX) and Global Coalition for Trusted Reviews are examples of our efforts to partner across the retail industry—making it more difficult for counterfeiters to move among different stores, safer for consumers to shop anywhere they choose, and protecting their access to trustworthy reviews worldwide.

Working Together to Scale Consumer Education and Awareness

Amazon reaches millions of consumers through its partnerships with industry-leading associations, non-profits, consumer advocacy organizations, and more to help them make informed purchase decisions. This includes partnering with U.S. Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Customs and Border Protection to educate consumers on the dangers of counterfeit goods so they can shop confidently. We support youth education programs like International Trademark Association’s Unreal Campaign that teaches young consumers about the value of intellectual property, and with Safe Kids Worldwide and Juvenile Product Manufacturers Organization to provide customers safety tips when they are shopping for juvenile products.

Partnering to Stop Bad Actors and Hold them Accountable

Working in partnership with law enforcement and prosecutors, we continue to successfully hold more bad actors accountable—stopping them from abusing our store and defrauding our customers by identifying and dismantling their criminal organizations. Through these partnerships we have successfully referred and prosecuted thousands of counterfeiters, scammers, and fake review brokers. We will continue to go further and provide authorities with criminal referrals and evidence to enhance authorities’ ability to hold bad actors accountable.

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