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Preventing Unsafe Products in Our Store

Amazon strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, and we work hard to ensure every product available in our store is safe and compliant with our policies. Amazon’s teams and technology detect and prevent product safety risks by confirming listings meet relevant safety requirements, and we partner with leading consumer advocacy groups to implement and shape the next generation of safety standards.

We will continue to innovate on behalf of our customers to prevent unsafe products from reaching them, but to be most effective, the private and public sector must work together. We have learned throughout our collaborations that it is imperative to share information on emerging product safety concerns, work with safety experts to educate consumers, and modernize the recall process across the industry to improve consumer safety. We are committed to partnering with industry leaders, and invite others to partner with us, in pursuit of these initiatives.
Policies and Processes Focused on Safety

We have policies and processes in place to make sure the products listed meet compliance and safety measures. We continuously monitor our store for unsafe or noncompliant products. Our safety and compliance programs use machine learning models, constantly updated with new signals, to improve our detection of unsafe and defective products. When we need to take a closer look at a possible issue, we sideline listings for detailed review by our safety and compliance experts.

Improving Recall Communications Across the Industry

In the event of a product recall, we work with sellers and manufacturers to inform customers. While we have always notified customers when we become aware of a product recall or other safety issue, consumers have often depended on third-party websites to get information on what to do next. To improve this experience for our customers, we launched and are growing globally the “Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts” page. It allows customers to view product recalls and safety information for items they purchased on Amazon’s store, all in one place.

Helping Selling Partners List Safe and Compliant Products

We have policies and a suite of powerful tools available for selling partners to ensure their products are offered in accordance with applicable laws. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can use these policies as a guide to get started in our store and list their first products after they undergo our seller verification process. We continue to keep selling partners informed, with tips on how to optimize their Amazon selling experience, as well as updates on new regulatory requirements and policies, in regular news announcements via Seller Central, seller forums, newsletters, and our Amazon Seller app.

Backing Products in Our Store with the A-to-z Guarantee

Our A-to-z Guarantee ensures that customers are covered and eligible for a full refund for any item they purchase if the customer isn’t happy with the condition or timely delivery of that product, including helping to resolve, in the unlikely event, valid personal injury or property damage claims.

Building Product Safety Pledges

We regularly engage with other interested parties from industry to consumer advocacy organizations, regulators, academia, and others that share our desire to work collaboratively to protect consumers. We partnered with governments on building product safety pledges that both outline our aspirations for modernization and set standards and practices that all retailers should adopt. In Australia, Canada, the EU, and Japan, we worked closely with regulators on their product safety pledges that raise the bar for the retail industry.

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