Amazon joins Consumers International’s Change Network and celebrates World Consumer Rights Day 2024

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“We will continue to focus relentlessly on our customers … from the beginning, our focus has been on offering our customers compelling value.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s original 1997 letter to shareholders.

Since that initial shareholder letter in 1997 our people, technology, and collaborations have grown but we remain just as customer obsessed as we were then. As part of our efforts to build a safer world for consumers, and in celebration of World Consumer Rights Day 2024, we are pleased to announce that Amazon has joined Consumers International’s Change Network as a Global Associate.

Consumers International is a globally-recognized membership organization for consumer groups around the world, with support from the United Nations and other international actors, dedicated to raising global awareness about consumer rights and needs. Working with Consumers International and their 200-plus members in 100-plus countries will enable Amazon to bring our customer obsession together with consumer advocates to work towards a world that is safe, fair, and sustainable for consumers everywhere.

“Remedies for protecting consumers should come from industry, government, and civil society,” said Scott Knapp, Director, Buyer Risk Prevention at Amazon during a 2024 Consumers International panel on Amazon’s approach to stopping scams. “At Amazon, we listen to feedback from our customers and engage in rich discussions with industry leaders. Amazon does not have all the solutions to these issues, but we want to work with others interested in exploring cross-sector solutions to address them.”

Consumers International members help to select the World Consumer Rights Day campaign topic each year to help mobilize global action on pressing issues impacting consumers. “Fair and Responsible AI for consumers” was chosen as the theme for 2024, one topic that is central for Amazon as we think about the future of consumer protections.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformational technologies of our generation,” said David Zapolsky, Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy and General Counsel at Amazon in a February 2024 About Amazon article outlining our commitment to advancing responsible AI. “Amazon remains committed to harnessing this technology responsibly—working hand-in-hand with our customers and governments to develop and use AI systems with safety, fairness, and security at the forefront. We support governments’ efforts to put in place effective risk-based regulatory frameworks and guardrails while also allowing for continued innovation and practical application of the technology.”

Amazon joined the U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium in 2024 as part of our efforts to further government and industry collaboration to advance safe and secure AI. Established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium allows Amazon to collaborate with NIST to establish a new measurement science that will enable the identification of proven, scalable, and interoperable measurements and methodologies to promote development of trustworthy AI and its responsible use. We look forward to continuing these conversations alongside industry leaders as we all work towards building a safer future for consumers.

Innovating to help build a trustworthy shopping experience

Our people, technology, and work with private and public sectors around the world help us improve consumer experiences and protect them from bad actors. At Amazon, the advanced technology we build is an important part of how we approach this global challenge.

For example, as prospective sellers attempt to create new selling accounts, Amazon’s seller verification uses document forgery detection, advanced image and video verification, and other technologies to quickly confirm the authenticity of government-issued identity documents and whether they match the individual applying to sell in our store. These technologies, coupled with continued innovation in our machine learning-based detection, are deterring bad actors from attempting to create new Amazon selling accounts.

After sellers are verified and they start listing products for sale, we have technology, policies, and processes in place to help sellers create accurate listings that both meet compliance and safety measures and are not potentially infringing. In 2023, this automated technology scanned billions of attempted changes to product detail pages for signs of abuse every day.

Once a customer is ready to start browsing the products sellers list, they can now take advantage of summarized customer review highlights powered by generative AI, giving them a convenient way to quickly see what other customers are saying about a particular product. After making their purchase, Amazon leverages imaging tunnels and computer vision technology in Amazon fulfillment centers across North America to inspect products for potential defects before they are shipped.

If no past expiration dates, damage, or other defects are discovered during the pre-purchase or fulfillment process, the product is boxed, labeled, and delivered to our customer’s door. But our customer protections don’t end after a product is delivered. Amazon stands behind every product in our store with our A-to-z Guarantee. This includes purchases made from third-party sellers, and applies to products purchased in our stores worldwide. In the unlikely event that customers experience issues with timely delivery or condition of their purchase, we will make it right by refunding or replacing it. And if a product is recalled or a safety alert is issued, Amazon customers can visit their “Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts” page in their account to see all the recall and safety information for products they’ve purchased in our store, all in one place.

Informing consumers beyond our store

Amazon is dedicated to keeping consumers informed even if they do not shop with us. We collaborate with consumer protection agencies around the world to educate consumers on how to protect themselves online and make safe purchasing decisions. Making sure consumers have access to helpful information on topics like: how to avoid purchasing counterfeit products, relevant product safety tips, and how to avoid and recover from scams are just some examples of our approach to consumer education.

In March 2024, we published the blog post, “Charting a course together to protect consumers from scams,” where we highlighted the importance of stopping scams at the source and helping consumers avoid and recover from scams when they need it most. In this article, we outline why governments and private sector organizations around the world should work together to build solutions while the scam-fighting community strengthens support for victims looking to get their lives back.

At Amazon, customer obsession will always be central to our values, and we are thrilled to be joining other likeminded Consumers International members in the pursuit of a safer future for consumers. The theme of the 2024 World Consumer Rights Day is closely aligned with our approach to leveraging the power of AI responsibly, and we will continue to innovate every day to deliver the advancements that improve customers’ well-being everywhere.